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All you gotta do is Dance.

Dance Dance Revolution fans/players
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Anybody , Moderated
This community is for any and all DDR fans and/or players. All are welcome to join.

-No trolling/spamming/flaming. Any posts that contain any and/or all of these three will be deleted. Any user that has trolled/flamed/spammed this community a maximum of three times will be banned from commenting.
-Respect other members. This is a basic one, and anyone who violates this one will first be warned then banned.
-Protected entries are okay. Please no private entries.
-Avoid double-posting if you can. It's not that big of a deal, but it gets boring when only one person talks all the time.
-Just have fun with it. In other words: don't get worked up over things here unless there's a good reason. We're all just here to have a friendly community of DDR players/fans.

Filling out the application below is optional, but preferred. Include it in your first post (if you decide to) when you join. The rule for this may be changed later on.

Skill level:
Fave song and/or mix:
Fave game type (Max, Extreme, Ultramix, Max 2, etc):
Time playing:
Average score:
Other comments you might want to add:

Founder/mod: goddessanadora